Treating Various Drug Addictions

Treating Various Drug Addictions

Cocaine Treatments

When it comes to drugs that are very serious and dangerous like cocaine, there are unfortunately no medications that are approved to treat cocaine. Of course, there is a constant research going on about this type of medication, but to this day there is nothing that can be really approved as a working medication. Some addiction centers are using the disulfiram treatment to reduce cocaine usage in patients, but there isn’t enough success because it is not working for everyone. There is even a vaccine that is in the development which should help with reducing some of the relapse risks.

Heroin Treatments

If you want to know which drug is the most difficult to quit abusing, then the answer is heroine without any doubt. Of course, the patients need to have extremely high motivation level to quit because the withdrawal is extremely painful. The treatment for heroin addicts is quite simple, they first go through a detoxification process to get most of the heroine out of their system. This is the hardest part because of the withdrawal symptoms, that’s why patients are getting medications to lessen those symptoms. After the detoxification process, they are going to various behavioral therapies.

Meth Treatments

Methamphetamine addiction is also one of the most complicated drugs and because of that, the treatment is detoxification just like with heroin. The body needs to go through this detox process in order to restore the health of the person to some level. This detox can last up to few months, it all depends on the person and the level of addiction. After that process, they are also going through various metal therapy groups where they are healing their mind and body. It is very important to stay mentally strong after recovering from an addiction.